New Volkswagen Golf R will have about 350 hp

Although there were certain announcements about the R400, the management denied it and announced that the new Volkswagen Golf R would have about 350 hp. Jost Capito, the director of the Volkswagen division in Geneva, announced that the earliest Volkswagen Golf VIII will offer fantastic sports performance with retained functionality of the basic model. But he also denied certain announcements that the concept R400 would have a market version of the eighth generation Golf. When asked why it does not encourage such a move, Jost Capito and J├╝rgen Stackmann, a board member of Volkswagen, said that such a Golf would not be able to keep it below the 50,000 euro price, which is the upper psychological limit for C-segment athlete’s customers.

Volkswagen Golf R of the seventh generation (pictured) in Germany starts at 44,405 euros and the new model should not exceed 46,000 euros.