New Volkswagen Golf R Plus 400HP

Just a month ago, Volkswagen discovered the reasons why the Golf R400 did not go into serial production, and now a new soft rumor has emerged that says something similar is being prepared for the eighth generation of compact hatchbacks.
The R400 was not on the production line because it would be too expensive for shopping and maintenance, but Autocar now writes that Volkswagen is developing Golf R Plus, which will have close to 400 HP and cost similar to the Audi RS4 Sportback.

Although the model was not officially “green”, it still has the support of Herbert Diesse’s chief of staff. And not only that, the design proposal has already come to an end, and the plan is to be more aggressive than the standard Golf R. The faster version will have between 380 and 400 hp thanks to the 2.0-liter petrol engine developed by the Audi turbocharger. The basic Golf R will run a four-cylinder TSI engine that will deliver 320 hp. The 4Motion four-point drive will be powered by a 7-stroke automatic transmission that will be standard, so you do not have to expect a manual gearbox. From 0 to 100 km / h, it will accelerate for 3.9 seconds and will reach a maximum of 280 km / h.

The Hatchback will only be offered in the launch version when it starts selling in 2020, and the stronger Plus version will arrive later if it is approved for production. Even though it gets “round” 400 HP, the upcoming Mercedes-AMG A45 will be superior to the highest stage of tuning from the monstrous 416 hp. Rat “horses” is not finished because it is much anticipated from the forthcoming Audi RS3 with a five cylinder engine.