New Tickford Power Packs for Ford Mustang.

Tickford sets a new performance benchmark in the latest 2018 Mustang by delivering a new 400 kW and 620 Nm tune to the naturally aspirated V8 engine featuring the 6-speed manual gearbox. This significant boost in power provides the most genuine track-orientated power curve to date, while the Tickford tune also focuses on enhancing the driveability of the Mustang with excellent mid-range performance and peak torque occurring at 4545 rpm.
The performance upgrade can also be enjoyed in the 10-speed automatic where the same enhanced driveability is experienced, though with a greater feeling of throttle response and stronger connection with the 10-speed box making it the ultimate touring GT car.  However, given the imposed limitations and restrictions within the new automatic transmission, while the tune remains similar, the overall horsepower available is reduced while the torque figure – the pulling power of the car – remains consistent.

Mustang GT 359 kWTickford 400 Power Pack 400 kWMustang GT 556 NmTickford 400 Power Pack 640 Nm

400 Power Pack Features
  •    Power increase from 339 kW to 400 kW* @ 6607 rpm (Manual)
  •    Power increase from 339 kW to 375 kW  @ 6125 rpm (Auto)
  •    Torque increase from 556 Nm to 620 Nm @ 4545 rpm (Manual)
  •    Torque increase from 556 Nm to 620 Nm @ 4635 rpm (Auto)
  •    Improved engine noise and exhaust note
  •    Greater driveability due to increase torque and power across rev range  

Technical Benefits

  •    Increased power delivery from low and mid rev range
  •    Increased torque spread, from low to high rpm
  •    Power delivery can be held longer in every gear
  •    Can be driven aggressively with access to increased power in a broader rev range
  •    Improved/direct transmission response to throttle demand
  •    Improved fuel efficiency
  •    Enhanced driveability and increased power without the expense of supercharging
400 Power Pack – Option 1:   EOFY OFFER NOW $2000 $2,750
  • Tickford naturally aspirated ECU recalibration
  • Tickford individual build number
  • Tickford Enhanced badge
  • 3yr/100,000km Tickford driveline warranty
400 Power Pack – Option 2:   $6,590

All contents from Option 1 plus:

  • 20-inch Tickford wheels, available in black, silver and deep bronze
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres
  • 3yr/100,000km Tickford driveline warranty
  • 12 month/20,000km Tickford parts warranty
400 Power Pack – Option 3:   $9,890
Tickford Racing & Tickford TSV-535R Livery Launch

All contents from Option 2 plus:

  • 25mm lowered coil-over sports suspension developed in conjunction with H&R
  • BONUS: Tickford side stripe decal
  • 3yr/100,000km Tickford driveline warranty
  • 12 month/20,000km Tickford parts warranty

Compatible for MY18+ Mustang GT (Auto & Manual) excluding Bullitt.
*Option 3 not compatible with MagneRide® equipped vehicles.
98 Octane Fuel Recommended

Source: Tickford