New Golf 8 R, R-Line and GTI will arrive in the second half of 2019

The market launch of the VW Golf 8 is approaching. For the How To Cars illustrator reason enough to make new drawings based on the latest Erlkönig images. In addition, VW has now published a design sketch as a teaser, on which the silhouette of the Golf 8 is more or less clearly visible. It quickly becomes clear: much does not change optically. The bar is already high anyway, after all, the current Golf 7 is similarly timeless designed as the still fresh-looking fourth generation. Significantly larger are the changes in the cockpit. More about the interior of the Golf 8’s in the chapter Interior . 

The first cars to roll in the summer of 2019 from the tape. VW has now confirmed that the new generation comes to the dealers in the second half of the year. VW is investing about 1.8 billion euros in the new Golf. 80 percent of the suppliers who produce components for the Golf 8 are already under contract with the current Golf. In addition, the VW headquarters in Wolfsburg retains the production of the Golf. At the front of the air intakes are reduced, the new headlights wear eye bags down, the turn signals run like eyebrows in the fenders. Everything learned, but still streamlined and fresh. All proportions including the rear end look like old acquaintances – no wonder, the new Golf 8 is based on the only slightly modified platform “MQB Evo”, on which the current model already stands. 

VW relies on voice control
In the voice control VW wants to catch up at least to the new Mercedes A-class – and they even like to overtake. Although all functions of the Golf can be operated via touchscreen, but no longer have, a “Hey, VW” then enough to control all functions of the car. Free voice commands such as “I’m tired” are enough to be routed to a nearby hotel while my colleague Computer is already reserving the room. In addition, the system can explain decisions for route suggestions on demand (“Why, VW, did you suggest this gas station?” – “This gas station is on the direct route”). Commands defined by the manufacturer belong to the past, the artificial intelligence withdraws the VW from the Internet. Over time, the system should also get to know the user and his preferences better and use this knowledge for individual route suggestions. Like Mercedes, Volkswagen wants to write the software itself – with all the euphoria about the digital revolution, the Wolfsburg do not want to risk dependence on Amazon, Google or Apple. 

The system works like a smartphone
If the driver logs on to his Golf with his Volkswagen User ID via his mobile phone, the system adopts pre-configured settings for home screen, seats and ambient light. The settings are stored under the ID and can then be recalled in other vehicles. Similar to an Apple ID, apps for streaming services or navigation can also be downloaded from a store via VW ID – with which the infotainment system is then expanded. These apps can be tested, rented or bought. On the home screen, menu items such as “navigation” or “calls” are indexed with your finger like index cards. If necessary, the menus can also be highlighted or displayed on the full screen. For example, did you do that with navigation, 

Golf 8 R, R-Line and GTI
The most extreme expansion stage of the Golf 8 in every respect is the Golf R. Here, the engineers were able to really go into the full, buy the top model wide jaws and independent bumpers, large wheels and no less than four tailpipes. As a cheaper replacement, there is the optional R-Line package. An eye-catcher in both cases is the LED light signature with the side braces on the front and the four illuminated diamonds on the rear. Optically not athletic enough? Then we recommend the GTI, which combines five LED diamonds on both sides of the lower air intake to create the unmistakable daytime running light.
NEW VW (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) Source: AutoBild