New edition: VW Golf 7 GTI “Fire & Ice”

How about if VW would reissue the legendary special model “Fire & Ice” based on the Golf 7 GTI? How To Cars has an illustration! She welcomed flair, Memphis, Special, Manhattan, Boston, Moda, Pasadena and so on: from the VW Golf 2 there were countless special models in the 90s. Particularly popular was the Golf 2 “Fire & Ice” , which was built with various engines between 80 and 160 hp a total of 16,700 times. So what if VW reissues the legendary “Fire & Ice” based on the current Golf ? How To Cars has ever made a drawing! Essential for the new edition: the paint in the eye-catching color “dark purple pearl effect” , which offers a color spectrum somewhere between eggplant and black depending on the light.

The Golf 7 also gets the striking “Fire & Ice” logos on the C-pillar and the headrests. Of course, the seats would have to come back in style with the popular purple / blue fabric – in the original designed by the Bogner chief designer Gotthardin Thylmann Estoril rims in 19-inch Another detail that must not be forgotten: Rims in the classic Estoril design . The original 15-inch wheels are now extremely sought after by collectors. And not only the rims are rare: Original Golf 2 “Fire & Ice” are real rarities – most fell victim to tuning escapades. If one of the rare Golf 2 appears on the market, the price is usually high ! For the new edition, the polished wheels would measure 19 inches . More important: If it were to AUTO BILD, the homage to the “Fire & Ice” -Golf would be offered only for the top engines GTI and Golf R.