Mercedes: The team is determined to return to the top

The German team still wants to succeed with its W13 car.
We all know that Mercedes did not start this season in the best way, because their car had a big gap behind Red Bull and Ferrari. However, the team from Mercedes managed to work step by step on further improvements, and when they managed to solve the bouncing problems, their W13 began to provide better performance. That’s why Mercedes really wants to win with this car, and that’s why they don’t plan to shift all their focus to a new project.

“In Formula 1 you never draw a line.” Chief Engineer Andrew Shovlin told “But at some point, every team will have to transfer development to the next season. The difference for us was that the first part of the season was difficult, it didn’t make much sense and we struggled a lot. The team is determined to return to the top. Our goal is to have the fastest car, when that will happen, this season or we will experience it next year, I don’t know, but we will definitely work hard.”