Mercedes’ “Terribly Painful Year” Warning Amid New F1 Rules

Mercedes technical chief James Allison warned that the new technical rules are “a terribly painful year” for all teams and that initially it is possible for anyone to misinterpret them, which will mean a very difficult first year of the new era.

Formula 1 with a year of delay is entering a new era of technical rules that should mitigate the loss of downforce during close monitoring, which should lead to better racing.
Mercedes is entering the new season with a constructive title, the ninth in a row, after successfully finalizing the last rule change in 2017 that led to even faster and more aerodynamically sensitive cars.

“Everyone on our team, as in all other teams, will do the best we can to find the right design and approach for the new set of rules,” Allison said in Mercedes ’announcement of the new season and the new rules.

“At the beginning of the season and the races that follow, we will find out exactly how it will turn out. I can imagine, given that the cars are so new and different, that one or two cars will hit the design really badly and have “a terribly painful year” . ”

“I can imagine that we will all leave performances on the table to some extent, things we did not anticipate. We’ll look at other cars and think ‘why didn’t we think of that’. Then we will try to apply these ideas to our car as quickly as possible in order to progress. Or if we are lucky enough to stay ahead. ”
“It’s going to be pretty fast, we’re definitely not going to get much sleep all season.”

“Our job is to look at the technical situation in the rules, and then collectively try to find a car configuration that will be better than all the others.”

“Since everything is so new, wherever you look in the new rules there will be opportunities. Of course, there are dangers as we try to pass through a potential minefield and pick up all the possible treasure chests that lie in it to finish the car that will take us to the top. ”

Mercedes will present the new F1 W13 on February 18, the day after Ferrari, eight days after Aston Martin and five days before the start of pre-season testing in Barcelona.