Mercedes optimistic before British Grand Prix, a new package with parts is arriving

This season for the German team is not going as planned.
It looks like the turn of Bull and Ferrari will once again weigh in on Silverstone, while Mercedes could be lurking again from the sidelines. That is why the technical director of the team is very optimistic.

“No one in the factory dares to say, but we are cautiously optimistic that we will have a much better weekend than during this season. Some characteristics of the track correspond to the car. We are not able to fight for the very top. As long as we have a good performance in Maggots and Beckets and other fast corners, I think we have a chance to leave a great result this weekend. ” said James Allison for Sky Sports.

When asked what he would do if Mercedes won at Silverstone, the technical director of the team answered briefly and clearly: “I would cry.”

On the other hand, the head of the racing engineers said that they have prepared a good package with improvements, so the W13 will also undergo visual changes.

“We will have a different front and rear wing, there will also be changes to the car floor as well as other accessories. A lot of improvements have happened inside the car this year, so people couldn’t see it, but this time things will be different. ” said chief racing engineer Andrew Shovlin.