Mercedes :New Specification W13 for Spain

The German team had a different car specification in the test in Catalonia.
Mercedes showed a very good pace in the trainings for the Miami GP, so at first it was thought that the German team solved the problem with jumping cars, but the continuation of the weekend only denied this thing. Now the caravan is moving to Spain and this race will be very important for the team from Brackley.

Everyone knows that the biggest problem with the W13 is the aforementioned jumping of the car, but the fact is that Mercedes is in Catalonia during the winter tests has a specification with larger side openings, while now it will bring this new configuration with much narrower suction cups. Still, James Vowles added that it will be difficult for them to catch up behind Red Bull and Ferrari.

“The advantage in everything is that we managed to solve a complex puzzle that gave us a lot of pleasure. The other side is that it takes a lot of our energy. We learn to agree, but we also feel the pressure of millions of people who follow us from all over the world. We also have a small change. We have not been to Barcelona with this car yet. We tested the older specification there. It will be an interesting point to learn, we will be able to draw the line and then compare the data. ” said James Vowles