Mercedes is testing a new front wing in Mexico

The German team was supposed to perform this test first in Austin.
The team from Berkeley planned to try out its new version of the front wing in training in the USA, but in the end it did not. It seems that there were two reasons for this turn of events, namely that Mercedes had only one wing available, and the second is that the FIA ​​did not give the green light.

2022 United States Grand Prix 2022, Sunday – LAT Images

“The reason we didn’t test cryo in Austin is because we only had one part and if we had damaged it during qualifying it would have meant we would have had to start from the back.” said Chief Race Engineer Andrew Shovlin. “Also, we had a very condensed program during the second practice and tire testing, so we didn’t have the right conditions for evaluation. Now we’ll have spare parts in Mexico, which means we can do the test on Friday, so we’ll see if everything works as expected, then the plan is to use it in the race.” On the other hand, the technical director of the team said that this is the last part of the big package with improvements, but that they will have to talk to the judges about its use.

“We will decide whether to argue with them or not, but his performances are not very great. The details on the wing look interesting, but it’s not a big deal on the wing itself.” Mike Elliott added.