Mercedes: In Some Fields We Are Not Happy With Our New Engine

The head of the unit for the development of the unit talked about the new propulsion unit.
Hywel Thomas said he was not happy with some aspects that his 2022 engine will have. After the changes in the aerodynamic plan, this year we have certain changes in the field of aggregates, so in addition to freezing development, we will also have a different fuel, ie one that will be based on 10% ethanol.

“We had different bio components in the fuel during this hybrid era. Then it was that we had to have 5.75% bio components in the fuel itself, while this year the limit is moving to 10% where we have to use ethanol. This mixture is completely new for all of us and that is why the engine behaves differently. Now, we have areas on the motorcycle that we are quite happy with while we are not with others. It remains for us to optimize our unit as much as possible in order to get the maximum power. ” said Hywel Thomas.