Mercedes Claims Their Problems Are Now Solved

Mercedes believes it has solved its main problems with bouncing, and instead problems have now arisen with the rigidity of their car.
The Silver Arrows had a tough start to the 2022 season as their W13 struggled with jumping and bouncing problems
This phenomenon was so bad for their cars that George Russell and Lewis Hamilton’s complaints about the physical pain they endured triggered an FIA intervention to help in the situation.
But after an encouraging weekend at the Canadian Grand Prix, where the team was perhaps the most competitive in terms of speed so far this season, as they finished third and fourth, but I can also thank Leclerc’s penalty with Perez’s new resignation.
The Mercedes boss revealed how the team’s focus has changed. He believes the weekend in Montreal showed that the problem of bouncing – where the car moves up and down as the load grows in the direction – was eradicated after the work done by the team.
“What we see in the cars is just stiffness,” he continued .
“That’s what the drivers actually complained about, the rigidity of the car. That is something we need to look at: how we can reduce the impact. Of course, the smoother the trail, the better. The lower the curbs, the less we see this phenomenon, ” he explains.
In addition, the head of Mercedes believes that there is still a need for additional performance, and he is of the opinion that they should put more load on the car.
“I think we just need to put more load on the car, more downforce and do the same with a car that isn’t as low on the ground as we expected,” he argues.
“It’s a clear direction: you can see the cars go more (lifting off the ground), and here we need to find performance,” concluded Toto Wolff.