Max Verstappen Is Selling His Honda Civic Type-R

The new Formula 1 world champion has prepared a real treat for his fans. He will offer his personal car at the auction.

And this is not a car he never sat in, but a car he used every day. As expected, it is a Honda, Civic Type R.
The car will now be offered at auction through CarNect, at a price of 33,333 euros, but this is probably the starting price.

In that case, we expect great interest and an even bigger final amount, because there are certainly a lot of fans who would like to have this piece of history.

And there is also the humanitarian side, because all the funds will be donated to the Wings for Life humanitarian association. However, the biggest surprise follows.

This Honda 2018 with 58,000 km is in many ways special and adapted to the characteristics of F1 pilots. Believe it or not, the description of the car says that it has rear-wheel drive.

If it’s not a mistake, this could be very interesting. Let’s say the car will be unveiled on December 17th.