MANHART MH5 800: High-performance Sedan with 815HP And 1,050 NM

At MANHART Performance, we saw a whole lot of unused potential in the F90 M5: The result is the MH5 800, which has now been unveiled in a particularly sensational version.
The addition to the name 800 is no coincidence, but the name gives a clear indication of the performance: The 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 output was increased to 815 hp, the torque increased from 750 Nm up to 1,050 Nm. This was achieved with the help of a MANHART turbo performance kit plus a MANHART intercooler and a MANHART carbon intake. There is also a MANHART ECU remapping. This is rounded off by a complete MANHART exhaust system. The setup starts at the outlet of the Turbos and consists of “Race” downpipes without catalytic converters, OPF-delete replacement pipes, a rear silencer with valve control and four carbon or ceramic-coated tail pipes. In addition, the M5’s 8-speed automatic transmission received our transmission upgrade.

There is more in terms of appearance: A set of H&R lowering springs not only lowered the body, but also optimized driving dynamics. In addition, the MH5 800 stands on a set of 21 inch MANHART Concave One light alloy wheels in matt black. The components of the carbon body kit offer additional accents to the package – a MANHART front spoiler, a MANHART diffuser and a MANHART rear spoiler lip. While the our vehicles are usually characterized by a decorative sticker in gold or silver, the MH5 800 has been given an effect film in matt red metallic including a MANHART decorative set in black.
Last but not least, the interior was refined with a sky roof headliner composed of numerous small LEDs installed into the roof plus carbon parts and shift paddles on the steering wheel.

Source : MANHART Performance