Lewis Hamilton : Victory Was Possible

The Briton was disappointed after the race because of the team’s poor tactics.
Lewis Hamilton found himself in the leading position at the end of the race for the Dutch Grand Prix when he had an excellent pace with hard tires. However, then a safety car was thrown onto the track because Valtteri Bottas remained on the track and then Max Verstappen decided to change his strategy and take soft tires. Most of the other drivers also decided on the same move, but the leading Briton in Mercedes still did not, which after letting the race into an active rhythm allowed the Dutchman to immediately go around him and get the victory.

“I think we could have (won today). Taking into account all factors during the virtual and regular safety car, the car and the strategy were on point until the last stop. I think we’ve been the closest so far. The boys gave it their all.” Hamilton told Sky Sports. “I was hoping that today we would record a double victory for the team. Especially after such a bad year. We had a good gap but the safety car didn’t help us. I was maxed out on every braking and I want to apologize to the team. I do not know what to say. We were faster than the others if it wasn’t for the safety vehicle. I believe we could have done this in one stop. The car was finally working properly and this time we were breathing down their necks. After the last race, we were miles away from victory and we didn’t know why, and yesterday we were separated from pole position by the last corner.