It’s not a joke – car owners most trust Alfa Romeo!

AMCI (Trusted Automotive Brand Study) analyzed which car brands customers have the most confidence.
The AMCI study has shown that the manufacturer’s traditional focus on quality, satisfaction and elimination of the problem has little to do with the client’s trust in a particular brand.

On the contrary, the study shows that automakers must focus on three basic principles – competence, integrity and empathy.
This is best done by Alfa Romeo, a brand that is believed to have problems with its cars.

The Italian premium manufacturer has won 51 of 100 points and has thus become the luxury brand that is most trusted.
“This is the most deserving new business model of a company that gives the user the ability to control his interests,” explains Ian Beavis of the AMCI.

Alfa Romeo left behind the famous Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Jaguar, BMW.

For the comfort of the competition, most luxury brands have advanced, the only ones that fell on the scale are Tesla, BMW and Infiniti.
On the other hand, in the competition of broadband brands, Honda won the best estimate, primarily due to customer care during the recall of Takata airbags.

The biggest positive jump was achieved by Mazda, followed by Hyundai. Both brands that have introduced new client support programs.

AMCI conducted its study on about 2,500 car owners 34 different brands. The study covers only those owners who are the same brand faithful at least five years.