Is this the new Volkswagen Golf 8?

Is this the new Volkswagen Golf?

Volkswagen already works on a new generation of their bestseller model Golf. It is expected that the hatchback will be presented at the end of 2018 and the first information about it are already out.
The German AutoBild decided to show their forecast about the future 8th generation. The photos say that it will keep the original Golf shape with a few modifications in the front i.e. new elongated lights and a bigger bumper.
According to the information, the 8th generation will have a bit bigger dimensions and better security systems than Golf 7 which are implemented only in the premium edition cars.
In the concept are also included digital projection display, auto pilot mode and internet access. The road projection display will be intended for assisting the driver in heavy traffic but anyway the driver will have to keep his hands on the wheel for eventual reaction if it is needed.

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