Here’s What the Next-Generation Ford Mustang Could Look Like

The current S550 Ford Mustang has been on sale for eight years, and just a few months ago news of its replacement arrived. Now that we know a new Mustang is on the way, we’re curious to see what it will look like. Illustration by Ben Summerell-Youde/Fox Syndication tried to answer that question in its latest rendering, creating a digital rendering of the next generation of Ford’s popular model. After the original model was released in the 1960s, the Mustang slowly began to lose its identity. The 1970s Mustang II became “softer” in lines and lost some power. The Fox Body of the 80s and 90s began to lose the Mustang’s classic design features and proportions. By the time the New Edge appeared in the late ’90s, it was a Mustang by badge only. But that all changed with the 2005 Mustang, and since then the Mustang has increasingly reclaimed its identity. However, based on the latest spy photos, the S650 appears to follow the trend of the current S550 Mustang.

The new generation looks to shed even more visual weight, relying on a more comprehensive design language than its bulkier predecessors. Modeled after the Mustang Mach-E, Illustration by Ben Summerell-Youde/Fox Syndication envisions a sportier design than a more “muscular” one, with slender headlights and a rounded front grille combined with similar proportions to the outgoing S550.

Overall, the digital rendering looks believable, and we could really expect something like this. However, we’re not sure we’d be thrilled. It seems that only time will tell, and we will just have to wait for the premiere, which is scheduled for 2024 or 2025.

Photos is rendering : Illustration by Ben Summerell-Youde/Fox Syndication