Hamilton will start from the back due to an engine change

Lewis Hamilton will start this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix from the back after Mercedes decided to install a new power unit on his car .

Mercedes will fit a new engine to Hamilton’s W13 this weekend after it suffered damage in a collision with Fernando Alonso. Switching to a fourth internal combustion engine will result in a race penalty at the Italian Grand Prix.

Hamilton’s engine, which was on display at the Belgian Grand Prix, suffered a 45G shock when his car went airborne in a collision with Alonso on the first lap at Spa-Francorcoshamps.

Despite the impact, Hamilton’s Belgian power unit is believed to have survived. Mercedes is still working on the engine recovery plan and hopes to be able to fix it so that they can have it available for the rest of the season.

Getting a penalty at Monza makes sense given the overtaking opportunities and Mercedes don’t expect to be as competitive as they were at Zandvoort, where Hamilton was in contention for the win until the SC took to the track.

Hamilton’s ex-Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas will also be penalized this weekend for an engine change after failing last weekend.

According to the first information, the Finn will receive: turbo and MGU-H, which will result in a penalty of 15 places, although he could take additional elements during the weekend at the Italian Grand Prix.

However, in Monza, in addition to Hamilton and Bottas, several other drivers are expected to receive penalties due to changes in the elements of the power unit. A figure of 7 drivers is mentioned.