Hamilton Will Continue To Drive In Formula 1 Only If They Remove The Man Who “Took” His Title

Lewis Hamilton has completely disappeared after losing the title in the last lap of the last race in Abu Dhabi at the “Yas Marina” track and it is still unknown whether he will return to drive for Mercedes.

His contract expired at the end of last season, and at least for now there are no announcements that he will be extended because it is uncertain whether the Briton still wants to drive in the most elite car competition.

According to the information from Mercedes, Hamilton would return to the F1 championship only if there are big changes, ie if the head of the FIA Michael Masi is dismissed, who made the decision to remove the cars between Hamilton and Verstappen, which significantly facilitated the work of Max, who came to the first title in his career.

It remains to be seen what the reaction of the leaders of the World Automobile Federation will be and whether they will obey Hamilton or leave Masi to remain the boss.