Hamilton wants a better car – he give Mercedes a deadline!

Mercedes did not do well at the beginning of the new season in which the new rules for regulating card apply. Seven races have been taken this season, and the German team is still without a win and rarely finishes on the podium. For now, the younger Briton is more successful in the clash between Russell and Hamilton, but it is believed that once the Mercedes reaches the required level, Lewis’ experience will be crucial in the clash between colleagues. The seven-time champion wants a more competitive car to Silverstone. He has celebrated an incredible eight times at home in the last 15 years.
“I hope that by the British Grand Prix in Silverstone we will have the car we want – capable of fighting Ferrari and Red Bull. It would be nice to torture them in the home race. “I know the factory is working hard on improvements and I have no doubt that we will succeed sooner or later,” Hamilton told the English media.
This weekend we will have a race in Azerbaijan, next week in Canada and then Silverstone on July 3. So far, Max Verstappen is leading the race for the championship title with 125 points, followed by Leclerc with nine points less, and Perez with 110 points in the third position. Lewis Hamilton is in sixth place with only fifty points and one podium