Hamilton Says Mercedes W13 Is Getting Worse

The trouble for Lewis Hamilton in the current Formula 1 season continues. The seven-time world champion was completely depressed after free practice in Montreal.
“Friday is more or less similar to all the others for us. We tried several things including an experimental floor that didn’t work. In general, everything we do on this car doesn’t seem to work, so we try different settings. George and I had a lot of different settings in the second workout just to see if one way worked and the other didn’t. I will wait to hear what he thinks, but for me today was a disaster. It’s like the car is getting worse the more we work on it. I do not know. We will continue to work hard, but that is what it is. I don’t think we can fix much this year. We will simply have to endure and work hard to build a better car for next season. We will fix this at least until the end of next year. I hope it won’t be something that will stop me from racing longer.