Hamilton – ‘Red Bull looks insanely fast, but Mercedes is the best team’

Lewis Hamilton thinks Red Bull look ‘insanely fast’ at the moment after Max Verstappen drove the best time on the last day of the test in Bahrain, but he believes that his team is still the best and can solve all the problems with the car.

Mercedes had challenging pre-season tests, and although they were quite reliable and drove the most laps in Bahrain, the drivers were not happy with the behavior of the car, which had major problems with bouncing.

The design champions are still struggling to understand the new aerodynamic package, which includes radical new sides that promise a lot in the simulator, but Mercedes has yet to get the most out of the new car.

“I really hope when I hear from the team tonight that they have found some tricks, some ways to get more out of this car,” Hamilton said yesterday at the Expo 2020 event in Dubai.

“There are a lot of cars that look pretty fast. Alfa Romeo looks good, Valtteri was fast. And Red Bull obviously looked insanely fast at the moment, just like Ferrari. ”

“But we are, without a doubt, the best team,” he added with a laugh.

Hamilton also referred to the media silence after the final last season in Abu Dhabi.

“I had to turn myself off,” he said.

“So you know if you want to do that, disconnecting from social media is a really good thing. I missed everyone who followed and supported me, but it really took me a while to refocus and focus. ”

“I was with my family, trying to be the best uncle I could be and creating memories with my family to get back ready to fight.”

Asked what it would mean for him to win a record eighth title that eluded him in an incredible way in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton was clear.

“All. I think it’s impossible to know what the future holds and what it would feel like. “

“But to do something that no one has ever done for sure would be astounding.”