Hamilton: Penalty or we destroy the integrity of Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, expressed his opinion regarding the FIA ​​investigation into the violation of the budget for the last year in Formula 1.

According to reports, Red Bull is under attack the most, which allegedly exceeded the budget by more than ten million euros. The FIA ​​has announced that it will announce the results of the investigation on Monday 10 October. “It is important for openness to know everything. It must be known in order to preserve the integrity of the sport. And of course those who did it should be punished. Because the rules exist to be respected,” said Hamilton.

In the last season, in the last race of the championship, Hamilton was left without the eighth title in a direct confrontation with Verstappen. In the end, the difference was seven points in favor of the Dutchman. If Red Bull were to be punished by deducting points, the Briton could get his eighth title off the track.

“Any attempt to accelerate the car costs money. We did it for the last time last season at Silverstone, and some have continued to do it consistently. And then how to beat them. That’s not according to the rules. I’m proud of my team, which did a great job within the opportunities we had,” concluded Hamilton.