Hamilton: I feel sorry for the fans

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, pointed out on the eve of the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix that the current situation in the general standings is not good for neutral fans of the fastest wagon.

Max Verstappen currently leads with 119 points more than Charles Leclerc and if he wins 22 points more than his companion, he will celebrate his second championship title five races before the end of this year’s championship.
“I honestly feel sorry for the fans, always when the title race ends at an early stage. It’s much better than last year, for example, when it all came down to the last race,” said the Briton.

Of his seven titles, Hamilton only won two in the last race of the season. The first against Massa in 2008, the second against Rosberg in 2014. All others he secured at least two races before the end of the season.

“For me as an individual it’s great when I secure the title early, but it’s certainly not for the sport. Everyone still remembers the last 17 seconds of 2008 or what happened last year in Abu Dhabi. I believe that there will be more such championships in the future,” said Hamilton