Hamilton becomes ‘second driver’ at Mercedes, Russell teaches him lessons

Eddie Jordan comments that it is a big surprise to the public that the debutant in the Mercedes team dominates his teammate with a much better name

At the start of the Formula One season, it was predicted that George Russell would have great trouble proving himself in his first year as a Mercedes driver, alongside star Lewis Hamilton, and that he would fall into his shadow. But now it turns out quite the opposite.

Eddie Jordan, a former Formula One team owner, believes Russell has surpassed Hamilton and become the “first violin” in Mercedes. Both drivers have problems with the design of the “silver arrows” this season, but it seems that Russell is much easier to deal with technical problems. Hamilton (37) entered the season with ambitions to win his eighth title in the “fastest circus”. But the reality hit him hard and he is currently in sixth place in the overall standings, and out of seven races he only reached the podium once.

Russell is 34 points ahead of his team-mate in fourth place overall and has two podium finishes so far. He was behind Hamilton in the first race of the season in Bahrain, but in all six other races he is ahead of his much better known colleague.

  • I think it is a big surprise for everyone in the world who thought that Hamilton is the “first violin” in Mercedes. “But he is no longer that, because Russell has taken over his role,” Jordan said.

Mercedes is increasingly aware that winning the title this season is not possible for the “silver arrows”. In the final race, Russell widened the gap between him and Lewis, finishing fifth, and the former world champion was eighth.

Jordan is known as a good connoisseur of the situation in F1. He first announced the arrival of Hamilton in Mercedes