Hamilton and Russell Tested The New Mercedes F1 W13 For The First Time At Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell shared duties on the first day for the new Mercedes F1 W13 they tested at rainy and windy Silverstone, and Russell says the car is behaving as expected.
Mercedes today unveiled its new car for 2022, which returned to traditional silver after two years in black, and is designed according to new technical regulations that place more emphasis on the car’s floor.
Hamilton and Russell shared 100 km in the new F1 W13, which is the maximum distance allowed during the filming day, and the car had a camera on the nose and in front of the rear wheels to capture footage for promotional materials.
Also, the car was equipped with a number of pressure sensors, especially in the sensitive area of ​​the floor in front of the rear wheels.
“The car behaved as we expected, but in these wet and windy conditions you can’t learn much,” said new Mercedes driver Russell for Autosport.
“So far we are in a good position, I think we are in a good shape ahead of Barcelona.”
“The behavior of the car is mostly in line with what we saw in the simulator and we will check the correlation of the data in the afternoon.”