Hamilton and Mercedes are getting closer to a new contract

These two parties have a contractual obligation until 2023.
Lewis Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes expires in less than two months, but there has not been too much dust raised about this and it is expected that he will sign a new collaboration with the German company. Last season, the Briton lost the title in the last round, and this year he had no chance to go for it. Nevertheless, the team boss is convinced that his driver can reach a new championship.

“I am absolutely confident that Lewis can win his eighth title with us.” Toto Wolff told PA News. “He will not go anywhere else, and if we can provide him with a competitive car to win, he will be able to achieve more titles. For him, retirement is still a long way off.”

He is convinced that they will extend their cooperation and that Hamilton will be 38 years old when the current contract expires.

“Science today can influence athletes, so if they are disciplined they can go far. Look at Fernando Alonso. He is 41 years old and has a mega performance.” added the Austrian.