Hamilton admitted that Mercedes made a mistake with the new Mercedes W13

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton said that the fact that Max Verstappen from Red Bull visited him for the entire lap during the race for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, is an indicator of how much the team made a mistake with this year’s car in the Formula 1 championship.

Hamilton took 13th place in Imola on Sunday, and Verstappen, on the way to victory, went around it for the whole lap. The two of them fought for the title last year, the Dutchman became the champion after the controversial race in Abu Dhabi, and this year he is far ahead of the seven-time world champion.

Asked about Verstappen’s visit, Hamilton said: “It just shows how wrong we were,”

As of this season, new rules in Formula 1 are in force, along with a new car design, and as the eight-time consecutive champion, Mercedes was considered the favorite before the season. However, Mercedes did not do a good job in the pre-season and its cars are a second slower than Red Bull and Ferrari.

During the pre-season tests in Bahrain, the journalists asked Hamilton if Mercedes might have made a mistake regarding the car, and he answered that “Mercedes does not make mistakes”.

“I said that we are not wrong, that we are world champions. But the fact is, with all the possibilities that exist, that we were wrong, “said Hamilton, who said after the race in Imola that he was no longer in the race for the championship title.

After four races, he is seventh with 58 points behind the leader Charles Leclerc from Ferrari. Mercedes is third behind Ferrari and Red Bull.

The next race in the championship is scheduled for May 8 in Miami.