Hamilton – 2023 Another chance to fight for the title

Lewis Hamilton is looking forward to 2023, in which he sees another opportunity to fight for the world championship. The first year of the new era was not the best for either the Briton or Mercedes, but towards the end of the season they improved.

The new season is an opportunity for the seven-time world champion to try to fix the bad season in 2022, in which he did not taste victory for the first time.

Mercedes’ W13 had a lot of problems with bouncing, which made it impossible for their drivers to fight for the very top of the grid.

In that intention, they were overtaken by Red Bull and Ferrari. In 2022, Mercedes was practically an observer in terms of victories because their rivals entered the new era of Formula 1 much better.

However, the Silver Arrows improved in the second part of the season, and the new technical directive contributed to that, so they won the penultimate race.

All this resulted in Mercedes rolling up their sleeves and moving towards building a car that would join the fight for victories, and thus the title. Hamilton himself says he is looking forward to the start of the new season, where he sees another opportunity to fight for the title.

“I’m definitely looking forward to 2023. The last few years have been very complicated for people around the world and I hope this will help us to have compassion and look out for each other: I pray for them all the time. The new year is to be better, to keep fighting and to be united: it’s another chance to fight for the title,” said Hamilton in an interview for the official Mercedes website.

From the whole of 2022, the seven-time world champion highlights three races as crucial to his progress. The first of them was Barcelona, ​​where their potential was greatest, although they did not maintain that consistency either in Monaco or Baku.

In France, Mercedes had both cars on the podium which was very satisfying, and it was even more the case with Austin, with major upgrades, where Lewis came close to winning.

“The first big step forward was Barcelona, ​​they gave us the feeling that there was more potential in the car, but in the end it was a false positive. We did well there, but the next two races were uncomfortable. France came and it seemed like progress with a double podium. “Austin was also good with the last improvement,” added the Briton.

“This was a difficult year for everyone. It was complicated for me in ways I didn’t expect, but I’m very grateful for that. I have the feeling that in 2022 I have grown as a person, in terms of mental strength: much more than in previous years,” concluded Hamilton.