George Russell Wants To Win At Silverstone

George Russell wants to win this weekend at Silverstone. The Briton hopes that his first podium at the British Grand Prix will be at the very top, and not in the second or third position he already knows.

Russell will be competing in Silverstone for the first time as a Mercedes driver, and although the German team is not as strong as in previous years, they hope to be able to do much more with the upgrades. The young Briton has made it clear that he wants to win and for the first time stand on the podium in Formula 1 on a very special track for him.
“I want my first podium in Silverstone to be with me at the top, that’s what I’m going for. It’s not that I’m going to give up in the last lap, if I’m second or third, not to be on the podium, but Silverstone has a special place in my heart, it’s the track where I won my first race and where I raced for the first time with a Formula 1 car says Russell .

The British driver touched on last year’s race in Great Britain, when for the first time the fans attended the racing weekend after the memorial service.
“Electricity will be felt in Silverstone this weekend. Last year was special, the stands were full again after 2019. It was like a slap in the face for all the support we had, it was nice to be back to the fans. All of us drivers love to go on big tracks. It’s amazing to see support on and off the track. I feel very grateful to be in this position, ” he added.

The driver of the German team touched on the last race for the Canadian Grand Prix. George wanted to win pole position because he was not happy with third or fourth place.

“To be honest, nothing changes that I face my home race as a Mercedes driver. Whether you’re wearing blue or silver, you only have one goal when you put on a helmet, and that is to go as fast as possible with the car. The mentality is the same. In Canada, going for dry tires cost me a podium, but not being in the title fight… I want to win races and I want to win pole position.
“It’s something I’ve done in the past with Williams and it was on the border, but if I had qualified third or fourth in Canada, I would have regretted not putting on dry tires and going to the pole position. It may have cost me my position with Lewis, but it was a risk I wanted to take, ” Russell concluded.