Galpin Auto Sports Ford F-150 Raptor S

The Ford Raptor pushed the boundaries for off-road performance when it was released in 2010 and pushed those boundaries further with the new 2018 Raptor. The Raptor S takes that performance as a baseline and builds upon it to create a more aggressive and capable off-road machine designed to improve every aspect of its performance, aesthetics, and comfort. 

The Raptor S features widebody front and rear fenders which allow an increase to the track width and suspension travel resulting in increased stability and performance. A 102HP & 150 FT/TQ bump is provided from an upgraded Whipple Power Kit, SPD Performance goodies, and a Corsa Exhaust. Alcon 6 piston front brakes, and 4 piston rear calipers make sure all of that power remains harnessed safely. However, all of these upgrades (track width, widebody fenders, brake clearance), require wheels that both OEM and off the shelf options simply can’t solve. 

 1221 Wheels worked closely with the Salomondrin and Galpin Auto Sports team to design the new SVIPE.3 style to be aggressive, yet timeless and compliment the “OEM+” development ethos of the Raptor S. 1221 Wheels developed a brand-new forging profile for this project to take the concave profile possible for truck wheels to the absolute extreme. By utilizing the latest design, engineering, and FEA technology, 1221 Wheels was able to create the most extreme off-road truck wheels on the market. The SVIPE Off-Road Truck Wheels are lighter, stronger, and feature the most extreme concave profiles available today. 

The SVIPE.3 Apex2.0 Off-Road Truck Wheels are custom made to order and available in 17”, 20”, and 22”. The Raptor S features a textured black center paired with a brushed gloss red inner barrel for a splash of color to compliment the Alcon brake kit. Additionally, the Raptor S features an optional matching red beadlock “look” ring (*true beadlock versions of the wheel are available upon request). Over 40 color options are possible for every different piece of your own bespoke SVIPE Designs creation.  The SVIPE Designs SVIPE.3 by 1221 Wheels is available now. Source: 1221 Wheels Photos: 1221 Wheels