G-POWER BMW X6 M F86: 750 HP and TYPHOON wide body for the sporty SUV coupe


The new G-POWER X6 M TYPHOON is no wolf in sheep´s clothing.

On the contrary, it shows what it is capable of can: 750 hp and 980 Nm ensure a top speed of well over 300 km/h.

And you can see that too! In addition to the fender flares, the G-POWER TYPHOON widebody kit includes a front apron with large air intakes, side skirts, door attachments and a new rear bumper.

Under the VENTURI bonnet made of carbon, an in-depth optimization of the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 ensures the considerable extra power. The engine now has modified turbochargers, G-POWER downpipes along with catalytic converters, and the G-POWER V3 performance software in conjunction with a removal of the Vmax limitation.

The perfect way to round off the look the X6 M TYPHOON look is G-POWER´s forged wheel set HURRICANE RR with five double spokes and Jet Black finish, which are used here in 23-inch size. Source: G-Power