Formula 1 Will Reduce DRS, Maybe Abolish It???

Aston Martin technical director Andrew Green said during the promotion of the team’s new car that he hoped the DRS would soon be a thing of the past in Formula One.

The fastest circus in the world in 2022 is experiencing major changes that should equalize the competing teams. However, in the upcoming season, the DRS will remain in use, which is used as an aid when overtaking on routes. Earlier, there was a story that DRS is a “necessary evil” of Formula 1, because without it, overtaking would be almost impossible. Now follows a new era of rules that should make overtaking easier.

“The FIA ​​needs to consider what the tracks look like and see if they can change the DRS zones. I guess he’ll do it. If they realize that the cars will be closer to each other, then they may not need the help of the DRS. “I think the DRS zone will shrink over time and maybe some will be removed, which is a good thing,” said Aston Martin director Andrew Green.

“You can always play the DRS zone map here and there. But you don’t really need it at all, “said Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel.