Ford’s New Podcast, “Bring Back Bronco: The Untold Story,” Breaks New Ground As Bronco Mania Swells

DEARBORN, Mich., July 28, 2020 – On August 10, Ford will debut Bring Back Bronco, an eight-episode podcast series about the history of the Ford Bronco. Listeners can click here to listen to the trailer and sign up for notifications on their preferred podcast app when each new episode debuts.

Hosted by former National Public Radio transportation and economics correspondent Sonari Glinton, Bring Back Bronco takes a journalistic approach to telling the story of Bronco – from the birth of the iconic SUV, its life until it was cancelled in 1996, a notorious police chase in 1994, and the efforts of dedicated Ford employees to bring back a family of Bronco vehicles this year. It is the most comprehensive audio story of this uniquely American SUV.

“The Bronco is an iconic vehicle, with an unusual history of twists and turns, ascents and descents,” said Ford Chief Communications Officer Mark Truby. “It demands a fresh storytelling approach to shed light on what makes it special and so compelling to its huge fan base, as well as for new fans who will discover the rich history along with the new Broncos.”

The narrative of Bronco runs in parallel to seismic shifts in American car culture, social politics and the transformation of Detroit, all of which is illuminated by Glinton and guest story-teller and Detroit history expert Bailey Sisoy-Moore, as well as the people inside and outside Ford who have been part of Bronco’s history and rebirth in 2020. “The Bronco is on a very short list of American vehicles that provide a true lens through which you can view the changes in the fabric of America,” said Truby.

Produced by the award-winning podcast agency Pacific Content in conjunction with GTB, the bi-weekly podcast unearths mind-blowing stories like the formation and diligence of the “Bronco Underground,” a band of Ford employees who schemed, worked and toiled for more than two decades to bring the Bronco back to Ford showrooms.

“This project was of special interest to me for several reasons, including the fact that my mother worked for Ford for many years and I worked on a Ford assembly line before I went into radio and reporting,” said Glinton, who is now a principal at DeLite Media. “Plus, I think you can really tell the story of America when you dig deep and tell the story of a product, and I have always wanted to do that.”

Interview subjects include outsiders who have observed Bronco’s life and legend, and those who have been part of Bronco’s life as racers, restorers, a legendary Baja racer, and one voice who took a Bronco to the Arctic Circle, plus 10 Ford executives who have been part of the journey to bring it back.

Bring Back Bronco is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and everywhere listeners find their favorite podcasts on August 10, which is also on the eve of Bronco’s birthday. The eight episodes, as well as bonus content, including historic photos, documents, early sketches of the original Bronco and of the 2021 Broncos, as well as oral histories from Ford employees and Broncophiles–will also be found at beginning August 10.

Source : Ford