Ford with the F-150 Limited has the second fastest truck ever

Though the Raptor version should be the culmination of the Ford F-150 popular F-150, a “more common” is the fastest.

According to the test, the Ford F-150 Limited is currently the fastest truck you can buy. Like the Raptor, under the hood has a tvin-turbo EcoBoost V6 with 455 hp and 690 Nm. Thanks to this aggregate, the F-150 Limited accelerates from 100 km / h to 5.1 seconds, making it the second fastest truck in history to have a public test.

Faster than just Dodge Ram SRT-10 from 2004 with 505 “horses”. While the F-150 Limited quadruple mile reaches 13.7 seconds and reaches 165 km / h, Ram takes only ten seconds to reach 128 km / h. 

These performance costs, and the initial price of the F-150 Limited is $ 68,630, while the $ 3,425 $ 4 all-round surcharge. In this package of equipment besides the mentioned new V6 aggregate, you also get a two-color leather interior and ventilation seat with several other special extras.