Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept Set For Production

 The Ford Shelby GR-1 concept was a pretty strange car in 2005, but now it’s decided to go into serial production. Although there was interest in the concept of the Shelby GR-1 concept, it was never seriously contemplated about its serial production. However, this is changing now because the Californian company Superformance has decided to breathe new life into this car. It is a licensed company that mainly makes retro cars for the public since 1996, so it’s no wonder that the “abandoned” car took it under its wing. Superformance teamed up with Shelby American to bring the car’s details to perfection.  
The concept of the GR-1 was built in honor of the Cobra Dayton coupé, and the company is “reviving it” with two versions, one of which uses gasoline and the other is electric. Regardless, cars will be very fast. “I have been working on this project with Ford for six years. We originally said that we wanted GR-1 and then we talked to everyone, and they told us that there was nothing out of it, we could make a reply, but that’s not good enough. the license of the original manufacturer to have credibility. Later, the dice coincided, “said the director of Superformance, Lance Stander. The car will not be on the market for another two years, and no details are expected.