Ford Says New 7.3L V8 Can Fit In The Ford F-150 And Mustang

The American manufacturer presented a new powerful engine for the family of pick-ups from the F series at the Chicago auto show, designed for the toughest tasks
In addition to the workload and number of cylinders, Ford did not reveal more details about this powertrain, but said it believed it was “the most powerful gasoline V8 in its class.”

Shortly after the premiere, speculations began as to where all American proivozdat will be able to embed this “machine”.

From a conversation with Ford spokesman Mike Levine, MotorAuthority learned that the new V8 could technically be fitted under the Mustang hood and the F-150 pickup.

However, Levin added that, although it is feasible, it is unlikely that this will happen.

Namely, the engine is designed with the intention of operating large American Pikap models designed for the toughest task in terms of cargo pulling.

As stated, the new V8 has a block made entirely of steel and would be overweight for Mustang.
The engine would disrupt the massive axle balancing balance, so it will almost certainly not be used in a vehicle that has sporting features – at least when it comes to serial production.

This, however, does not apply to later-handed cars, and even Levin predicts that at the SEMA fair in Las Vegas, the next year, the debut “Mustang” with said powerplant will be debited.

Otherwise, in Ford’s Super Duty pickups (trucks), the new 7.3 V8 is coupled with a 10-speed automatic gearbox.