Ford Ranger XLT Build by AutoCraze – Video


AutoCraze : Ford Ranger XLT Build by AutoCraze

From XLT to STORMBREAKER. If you were fans of the Vault Breaker Ranger, you’ll love what we’ve done with this one.

We’re fully decking this one out from front to end and making sure the customer left happy.
The Rival bar continues to smash it out of the park with it’s beefy design and top tier Russian quality. Add the bonnet scoop and bash plate to give the entire car more presence. Front on, we committed to an LED Light conversion with the Rhino LED Lights around to make sure everyone knows you’re coming.

The wheel and tyre combo mixed in with the well received AutoCraze 2” Lift Kit, gives it a stance you can’t ignore. We installed a premium hard lid for ease of access and luxury living.

Want the full package for your Ranger? The Ford Ranger mecca for all aftermarket modifications and parts.

► Fuel Boost
► Toyo Open Country Tyres
► LED Light Upgrade
► 2″ AC Lift Kit
► AC Bonnet Scoop
► AC Premium Ute Lid
► Safari Snorkel
► Rhino LED Head Light Trims
► DT 4×4 Rival Bar  Source: AutoCraze via YouTube