Ford Fiesta is the best selling car in europe

The European automotive scene increasingly better results. So in March, according to a survey by international agencies Flock Dynamics, on European markets recorded growth in the number of registration of high 10.8% compared to March 2016, with the total number of 1.93 million vehicles.

Moreover, the Flock Dynamics, this is not just a better rezuzltat than last year’s, but also the best March ever on the European market. Also, with the new results of the European market in March left even that of the United States and thus became the second in the world.

Several major European markets suffered significant sales growth. More specifically, the great growth in March was recorded on the market of Italy, which has grown by 17.4 percent, followed by Spain with growth of 12.7%, while in Germany the number of registrations increased by 11.4%.

Of course, these markets are significant because the totals on them great (Italy: 226,506; Spain: 127,112; Germany: 359,683 vehicles), but when viewed as a percentage, some States have registered even higher growth in March. So is March 2017. Greece progressed to 49.6% compared to March 2016, Hungary has made 32.1%, and third overall is Croatia with the growth of 31.5 percent compared to March 2016.

What is also interesting is that the Ford Fiesta with the throne of best-selling European car took off her seven-year-old champion, Volkswagen Golf. Flock Dynamics lists several reasons for this development. For starters, the sale of golf’s failure in anticipation of the recently presented facelifta, Ford has made a more aggressive campaign, and sales results is broken and reduced demand for diesel engines which has considerably less influence in the segment of Fiesta.

Of course, analysts said a flock of Dynamics, this balance of power could be only temporary. That’s why we need to wait and see what the results will begin to exercise a refreshed Edition Volkswagen Golf.