Ford Electric Mustang SUV takes aim for Tesla Model Y

It’s getting closer to the prime of Ford’s electric crossover inspired by the popular Mustang.
The concept will be presented this year, while the production version is announced for 2020.

EV crossover based on Mustang will be the direct competitor of the recently introduced Tesla Model Y.
There is still no accurate information about the name of Ford’s electric crossover, after the originally planned Mach 1 mark was rejected because the public does not think that a brand historically reserved for Mustang should be used.

After that, Ford protected the right to the name Mach-E, and is expected to be presented under that brand.

“Mach-E” is the first fully electric car Ford has developed from “zero” on a front, rear and four-wheel drive platform.

As for technical data, Ford has only said it will have a autonomy of 600 kilometers between charging the battery.

Of course, later, a cheaper version with a smaller range will appear, and then a more powerful variant of EV Crossover.