Ford confirmed the all-new Mustang will be revealed next year

Over the past few years, every Ford Mustang fan probably broke out in a cold sweat every time the American automaker talked about its plans. The announcements were always the same, and they referred to more and more crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks, and less and less passenger cars.

There are only two left in this last category. One of them is the exotic GT that will retire by the end of the year while the remaining sportsman was the Mustang. Last year it attracted just 52,414 buyers, the fewest in its 58-year history, and lost the sales title to the Dodge Challenger, the last time we saw an all-new generation back in 2015.

The director of Ford’s high-performance division, Ali Jammoul, told the Australian magazine Wheels that the new Mustang, codenamed S650, will arrive in showrooms next year. This means that its premiere could be as early as the end of 2022, since American manufacturers often have the habit of presenting novelties up to a year before official sales start.

Jammoul also said that we will see eight-cylinder engines again. There have been announcements here that Ford could retire such technology and focus on the popular six-cylinder EcoBoost turbo petrols. Although, they are still not excluded from the whole story, but it is certain that the Mustang will have at least one V8 engine in the range.

Photos : 3D automotive designer and rendering artist M. Sachko