First information about the new VW Golf R 8 (2020)

Volkswagen also wants to play with the Golf 8 at the top of the league of compact athletes. Therefore, there will also be an R version of Generation Eight . For the sporty look, the new Golf R will again receive special body parts that distinguish it from the ordinary compact VW: Special aprons and a twin-flow exhaust system with four tailpipes are considered set. In the interior, sports seats and a sports steering wheel are in good shape.

Golf R comes later than expected Since the market launch of the Golf 8 is delayed, the R can be a little longer in coming . Problems with infotainment and the digital cockpit based on the modular infotainment kit (MIB) mean that the new Golf will not be launched until the first half of 2020. For the Golf R that means that he probably will not be with the dealer before the end of the year 2020

With the Golf 8, of course, the Golf R gets a new platform . However, not much will change in terms of the drive concept: the new R will continue to be offered exclusively with all-wheel drive, according to an interview with British magazine Top Gear with Jost Capito, the head of Volkswagens R department. In the interview, Capito also commented on the engine of the new Golf R. According to Capito, the customers of VW would expect a compact athlete who is located in the range of 300 hp and less than 50,000 euros (currently the Golf R from 45,000 euros to have) costs.