First Information About The New VW Golf 8 GTI

 Of course, the new Golf 8 is also available as a GTI. The sporty compact is fully networked and could get up to 300 hp. How To Cars has the first information! 2019 comes the VW Golf 8 on the market. Of course, the sporty version of the Golf, the GTI , gets a new base. Visually, the new golf athlete will traditionally stand out in a few points from the series Golf: Modified bumpers with large air intakes and the narrow grille with red decor are also the golf number eight duty. At the rear, a roof spoiler and a double-flow exhaust system will continue to mark the GTI. In the interior, of course, the GTI receives the next generation of Modular Infotainment Modular System (MIB), How To Cars reckons with fully digital instruments. 
 Special functions could also be available in the GTI: a lap timer and lateral acceleration indicators are very close. With 245 hp could already be the smaller engine of the GTI well in the feed. If you want more power, you can rely on the GTI performance, which could bring it up to 300 hp. The horsepower is generated by a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, just like its predecessor. The current GTI starts in the 245-hp performance version at around 33,600 euros. After VW announced that the Golf 8 should not be more expensive than the current Golf 7, probably the GTI will remain stable in price. How To Cars therefore suspects that the VW Golf 8 GTI will start at around 33,000 euros. The market launch of the GTI is expected to fall as early as 2020.