Crossover Alfa Romeo Rambo 2022 will succeed the MiTo

After 11 market seasons (2008 – 2018), Alfa Romeo shut down the production of a more or less miserable Mi-To model, which apparently arrived at the wrong time and was made on the wrong platform (based on Grande Punta). Therefore, it will not get a direct successor, but trendy (smart!) Is planning its successor in the crossover segment.

Stylish, this will be a variation of the successful Stelvio model, but the concept will be based on the cousins of the FCA Group – Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade.

It could be a formula of success, and the market launch is scheduled for 2022.

The name was also named – Rombo. The similarity with ‘Rambo’, obviously (none) is without any connection …