CONFIRMED: Drivers Will Have A Free Choice Of Tires After Qualifying

The FIA ​​has changed the sports regulations for the new F1 season in 2022 and, among many changes, introduced a change around the set of tires that must be started by drivers who qualify for Q3 and who are no longer required to start on Q2 tires.

Formula 1 in 2014 introduced a rule that drivers who place in Q3 must start the race on the set of tires on which they set the best time in Q2.
This was supposed to lead to more diverse strategies, but it only strengthened the position of the best teams who could often place in Q3 on harder tires and have an even bigger advantage over others in the race.

In addition to abolishing the rules on starting on Q2 tires, the FIA ​​has changed some other articles of sports regulations such as the rules on safety cars and the way to start the race again, which is in line with promised changes after Abu Dhabi last year.

Until the beginning of the season and the previous session of the F1 Commission, additional changes in the sports regulations are possible.