Audi A7 and S7 Liberty Walk

On the market since 2010, Audi A7 Sportback is beginning to age, but the company Liberty Walk believes that this model can still be on a top level, especially with their latest pack of gear.

Available for delivery, the parts comes in the same way like the rest of the creations of this tuning brand, having produced really unusual elements for the car front, different thresholds, rear diffuser, brand mark on the bumpers and spoiler with shape of duck tail on the trunk.

Created by plastic strengthen by fiberglass, the visual accessories starts at a price of 9.000 $, which is not cheap, especially if you have in mind that these days it is possible to find used A7 for 30.000 $. However if you want that, there is a possibility if you pay extra 7.900 $ for the Liberty Walk parts, which is price without extra wheels, tiers and modified sport exhaust.

The components are compatible with the standard A7 and S7 models, which are ready to be the successors in the near future. The next generation will come the same way and will share the same components with the A6 model, which will debut next year with new design inspired by Prologue concept.

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