Aston Martin Began Producing The Ultra-Sporty Valkyrie Model

Five years after the premiere of the joint project of Aston Martin and the F1 team Red Bull Racing, the first production copy of the Valkyrie model was produced.

While the similarly conceived Mercedes-AMG One is still “on hold”, Aston Martin has officially announced that after many unplanned delays, production of the long-sold-out ultra-sports model Valkyrie has begun, and will be made in only 150 copies.

The first deliveries to owners will begin in the coming weeks, and all those who set aside 2.8 million euros for Aston Martin’s “Formula 1 for the road” will receive a hand-assembled two-seater whose centrally located Cosworth 6.5-liter V12 engine in combination with the KERS hybrid system produces 1,140 horsepower at 10,500 rpm.

In parallel with the version that can be used on public roads, Aston Martin will make 25 copies of the Valkyrie AMR Pro with which it will be able to “fly” only on the tracks, and the green light eventually got 85 copies of the “open air” version of the Spider.