2020 Ford Mustang SUV ?

Ford plans to launch its first fully electric model, a front-end crossover in mid-2020.

The crossover, called “Mach 1”, due to the Mustang design, will be made on the “C2” platform on which the new “Focus” is created.

This compact “SUV” codenamed “CX430” will have a concise look of a hatchback with increased clearance.

“Mach 1” is just the first in a series of electric crossovers with which “Ford” plans to replace the hatchback and limousine versions in the near future and focus on the “SUV” segment.

This model should be equipped with a battery that will deliver a range of nearly 500 kilometers on a single charge and is likely to be produced at the Ford factory in Mexico.

“Ford” plans to present 16 electric cars by 2022, some of which will be developed exclusively for the Chinese market.

The American giant has teamed up a team of engineers called “Tim Edison” who is in charge of developing electric cars, and has significantly greater autonomy than usual in Michigan.

In addition to EV models, Ford plans to introduce a hybrid drive in models such as the F-150, the Escape, the Explorer and the Mustang.  

Rendering :Jennings Motor Group                                                                                         Video : Ford Motor Company via YouTube