2020 Ford Mustang SUV Preview Scheduled For November

The car, now known as the Mach 1, will go on sale in 2020. Ford announces that the Mach 1 will have nearly 500 kilometers of autonomy between the two battery charges.

The model is almost complete, so we expect to see the first road test variants during the year. Ford originally planned to launch this car as a practical electric SUV, but based on a market assessment, decided that it would be a vehicle where performance would be at the forefront.

However, there is still no performance information that Mach 1 will have. Ford has relatively recently invested around € 9.5 billion in the development of electric cars, and Mach 1 is the product of a new department founded in the middle of last year to that end, which is called “Tim Edison”.

Renders:Luca Serafini